Residenza Adorna

Residenza Adorna is a building built in Mendrisio in 1970. Immo-rail SA purchased the property in 2015 with the aim of increasing the comfort of the tenants present in the residence by fully renovating the apartments and common areas.

The works inside the apartments, carried out from 2016 to 2019, included:

  • the demolition of the kitchen, bathrooms and floors including the foundations
  • replacement of damaged pipes and systems
  • the refurbishment of substrates and floors
  • the painting of walls, doors and radiators
  • total overhaul of windows and shutters
  • the installation of new furniture in the bathrooms and new kitchens with dishwashers and state-of-the-art appliances

Improvement works were also carried out on the common areas, including:

  • the rehabilitation of the waterproofing of the garage and related painting
  • the replacement of the horizontal channels inside the building with new plastic pipes
  • the coloring of the common areas including the laundries
  • the arrangement of the communal garden with new plantings
  • the refurbishment of the external car park with new asphalt
  • the replacement of some internal doors of the building
  • bringing the lifts up to standard with a total overhaul of the same
  • replacement of letterboxes
  • the adaptation of the electrical system with new RaSi certifications
  • the refurbishment of part of the waterproofing of the roof

In recent years we have taken care to limit the inconvenience to tenants as much as possible and to satisfy all their needs. 

In parallel with the improvement work on the property, we also took care of the administration and the first rental of the apartments by carrying out targeted marketing activities.

At 31.12.2020 the building was sold to an important Swiss real estate group.

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