Residenza 25 Mendrisio

Residenza 25 is located in the renowned cellars area of ​​Mendrisio, Switzerland, a city characterized by a historical charm and internationally recognized for the quality of its wines. The choice was to convert an industrial area into a residential area surrounded by a garden, offering spaces with high living comfort combined with refined architecture.

The property which overlooks via Pasta and via Dunant has an entire residential destination and an open view of the city and the surrounding mountains and it is easy to reach by all means of transport.
The building is spread over a total of 6 floors and includes 21 exclusive apartments of different sizes, from 2.5 to 4.5 rooms.
The internal layouts are designed to meet multiple needs but they are also designed to be customized according to the requests of the tenants.
Each apartment is equipped with a design for the accommodation of a washer-dryer column.
An automated system for managing the external blinds as the sun changes avoids direct irradiation of the apartments which, together with the cooling system and the controlled mechanical ventilation system, guarantees excellent comfort for each living unit.

Residenza 25 has numerous parking spaces both in the private outdoor parking area and in the underground garage (where each parking is set up for charging electric cars), it has a common laundry room and large cellars.
Each apartment has spacious terraces designed to ensure an outdoor living space while maintaining maximum privacy and without any introspection between the different units.
In addition, the garden surrounding the building offers a place to relax and a space equipped as a leisure area at the complete disposal of the residents.
Residenza 25 fits into the urban context with a modern composition, characterized by different heights and depths. The use of innovative technologies and natural materials make it a building of great prestige with a guarantee of durability and low maintenance costs. In fact, from the very beginning, energy efficiency has characterized the development of the entire project with the aim of increasing the quality of life inside the apartments and reducing pollution. This made possible to certify Residenza 25 Minergie-P, the highest construction and energy efficiency standard in Switzerland.

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Technical features

Geothermal heat pump

Use of geothermal heat pump that extracts heat from the ground in winter and redistributes it to all of the apartments as a result of the radiant panels


During the summer the fresh water from the geothermal probes ensures the cooling of the rooms


Controlled mechanical ventilation, individually adjustable, can also be used for dehumidification

External coat

Very efficient building envelope through “external coat” insulation

Triple glazing

Aluminum windows with triple glazing that guarantee exceptional performance from both a thermal and acoustic point of view


Condominium lift

Kitchen furniture

Kitchen furniture & appliances in high energy class

Bathroom furniture

Prestigious bathroom furniture complete with towel warmer, backlit mirror and Gessi taps

Stoneware floor

Large format stoneware tile floors

Washer-dryer column

Column arrangement with washing machine and dryer in each apartment

Photovoltaic system

Photovoltaic system at the service of the common areas

Sun protection

Solar protection system

Electric vehicles charging

Charging sockets for electric vehicles in the garage

Green area

Equipped outdoor green area

Home automation

Basic home automation for adjusting the apartment’s electrical system

Optical fiber

Fiber optic connection in each apartment

Video surveillance

Video surveillance system of the common areas and anti-intrusion system preparation

Residenza 25 is Minergie-P certified, the highest construction and energy efficiency standard in Switzerland



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